Israel is engaging in illegal and unjustifiable killings – French doctors

(File photo: Jordan News)
GAZA — Jo24 reported that numerous international newspapers have highlighted the dire health situation in Gaza, reporting on testimonies from some doctors regarding what they describe as unlawful killings carried out by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) against civilians.اضافة اعلان

French doctors who returned from Gaza spoke to Libération about their experiences and observations, describing the situation as “tragic and unbearable.” They affirmed that the IOF is engaging in illegal and unjustifiable killings.

"I have worked in besieged areas in Syria, and Ukraine after the Russian invasion, but what I have seen in Gaza is unparalleled," said one of the doctors.

In the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, writer Lev Greenberg asserted that the only solution to ending the war in Gaza lies in international pressure and popular protests by Israelis. He emphasized that there is no military solution to the Palestinian issue.

“Israel's withdrawal from Gaza and the return of prisoners and soldiers stranded [in Gaza] is obviously not a priority now, as long as the [Israeli] political and military leadership continues to cling to victory and reject political solutions,” Greenberg pointed out.

In the American political magazine, Foreign Affairs, Israeli journalist Aluf Benn wrote about the “self-destruction” Israel practices through its aggressive policies toward Palestinians. He emphasized that Israelis cannot expect stability while ignoring Palestinian rights and rejecting their aspirations, even their very existence.

As for the British newspaper, The Guardian, writer Mohamad Bazzi called on US President Joe Biden to compel Israel to end the war before the conflict escalates further with Iran-backed militias.

Bazzi highlighted that Biden has the ability to rein in Israel but refuses to do so. He pointed out that Washington has gone to great lengths to conceal the scale of arms shipments and US aid to Israel, unlike its approach regarding massive weapons shipments to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the French website Médiapart published an analysis criticizing French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to honor French-Israeli victims who fell on October 7, 2023.

The analysis argues that Macron’s stance perpetuates double standards in the West and exacerbates the lethal moral and political collapse in Palestine. It calls on Paris to confront its state of denial concerning Gaza.

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