Israeli helicopter blamed for Nova festival casualties; Hamas likely unaware

Helicopter footage shows IOF targeting of civilians at music festival
(Screenshot: Twitter/X)
GAZA — An Israeli military helicopter was found responsible for the incident at the Nova rave on October 7, according to a preliminary Israeli investigation. The death toll has risen by 100, surpassing 360, as reported by Israeli media.اضافة اعلان

Contrary to the initial claim that Hamas conducted the massacre, a Hebrew newspaper revealed that on October 7, the Israeli military helicopter fired upon both Palestinian fighters and Israeli festival-goers near Kibbutz Re’im in the Gaza Strip. According to Haaretz, Hamas likely did not have advance knowledge of the festival.

Security assessments from Haaretz reported that an Israeli army combat helicopter arrived at the event, firing at attackers and unintentionally hitting some participants. The assessment relied on investigations conducted by the Israeli police with arrested Hamas fighters.

The newspaper added that senior security officials estimated that Hamas discovered the event through drones or paratroopers and directed militants to the site using their communication system. The Israeli police estimated around 364 people were killed at the festival without specifying their identities.

On the same day, hundreds of Palestinian fighters crossed the border surrounding the Gaza Strip, reaching towns and Israeli occupation bases in the Gaza Strip in operation ‘Al-Aqsa Flood.’

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