Global media scrutinizes Israel's war on Gaza

Growing concerns: Israeli Occupation faces allegations of violating international laws, straining close alliances

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TEL AVIV — International media, as reported by Al-Jazeera, has started to scrutinize Israel's adherence to international laws as the war rages on. While much of the international Western media footage was, at first, biased, analysts and experts are now emphasizing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and have started to take a closer look at Israel’s alleged violations of international laws.اضافة اعلان

For instance, The Wall Street Journal has cast its doubt on Israel's ability to achieve victory in its war against Hamas within the timeline sought by US officials.

A recent report, suggests that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) face unexpected fierce resistance in northern Gaza, delaying its shift in focus to the southern part of the strip, Jo24 reported.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reported a recent story on the growing anger among Israel’s closest international allies due to the high death toll of civilians in Gaza as well as the looming humanitarian crisis affecting over a million displaced civilians. The news outlet started sharing reports of its doubts about the reports deaths reported deaths among Palestinian detainees held by the occupational forces, as well as its protocols after the incident involving the killing of three detainees.

Furthermore, Le Monde, argued that Israel continues to justify its actions in Gaza, claiming adherence to the ethical foundation to guide its conflict strategy.

However, it reported, that Israel uses the law to legitimize violence in the region as their applications are causing the genocide in Gaza. The New York Times, which is more liberal in the US amongst a democratic or left-leaning audience has revealed a recent report in which an opinion poll conducted by the NYT has revealed widespread opposition towards US President Joe Biden's administration regarding his war policies.

The poll suggests a division among Biden's presumed voters, leaving him with conflicting signals on the approach the US administration should take as the war enters its third month.

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