Fuel at the electricity generation station in Gaza is running out

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA STRIP — Fuel quantity at the electricity generation station in the Gaza Strip is running out, in light of an Israeli decision to cut off electricity to the region, according to Al Mamlaka. اضافة اعلان

The Ministry of Health in Gaza needs around 40,000 liters of diesel fuel daily to operate hospitals in all areas of the Gaza Strip in order to deal with the situation.

He pointed out that the fuel stores of the Ministry of Health may be sufficient to operate these electricity generators for a limited number of days.

He mentioned that Israel has decided to cut off electricity to Gaza, despite pleas from the Ministry of Health in Gaza to pressure Israel to restore electricity.

He added that Israel has also decided to stop supplying Gaza with fuel, which means that if the fuel problem is not resolved, the situation in the Gaza Strip will become even more dangerous.

He noted that Israel openly states that it is implementing a policy of collective punishment by cutting off electricity and also water supplies coming from Israel, and now, most recently, the power generation station, which would be a "major catastrophe" if it were to stop.

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