EU nears consensus on sanctions against Israeli settlers in West Bank

israeli Settlers
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BRUSSELS – On Friday, European diplomats revealed that the EU is edging closer to an agreement to impose sanctions on Israeli settlers who perpetrate attacks against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.اضافة اعلان

Concerns have been mounting among European officials regarding the escalating violence targeting Palestinians in the West Bank. Despite the US and Britain already implementing similar measures, the 27 EU member states have encountered challenges in reaching a unanimous decision on imposing sanctions against those responsible for the violence, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Notably, some EU member states with strong ties to Israel, such as Germany and Austria, have signaled their willingness to support sanctions against violent settlers, particularly in light of additional sanctions previously imposed on Hamas.

Hungary, known for its staunch support of the Israeli government, had been the primary holdout against sanctions on settlers. However, diplomats now report a shift in Budapest's position, indicating that the proposed sanctions have made progress within the EU system. While some EU foreign ministers may greenlight the sanctions as soon as Monday, others suggest that more deliberation time may be necessary.

A diplomat familiar with the matter stated, "There is an agreement at the working group level." Another diplomat hinted at the deteriorating situation in the region, suggesting a potential reason for Hungary's change of heart.

Efforts to reach Hungarian officials at the Foreign Ministry for comments were not immediately successful.

The rift over proposed sanctions underscores the broader divisions within the EU concerning the Israeli war on Gaza, with some member states firmly supporting Israel. In contrast, others lean towards the Palestinian cause.

According to diplomats, initial proposals under consideration aimed at imposing sanctions on approximately 12 individuals or organizations. While the exact details of these sanctions remain unclear, officials suggest they may include travel bans to the EU.

One diplomat stated, "It is likely that their number will be fewer than twelve now after negotiations, but that is okay because the important thing now is to move forward," reports indicate.

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