79-year-old man in Gaza used in Israeli ‘safe corridor’ propaganda, executed

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA — On Wednesday, the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reported that an elderly Palestinian man had been executed by the Israeli Occupation Forces in what they labeled a "safe corridor," after using him in a propaganda campaign promoting the same corridor on Salah al-Din Street in Gaza, which many Gazans are now calling a “death trap.” Images circulating on social media depicted the grim reality of the occupation forces, with one photo showing them providing him with water, and a second photo revealing him lying on his stomach, having been shot in the back.اضافة اعلان

Euro-Med strongly condemns the occupation forces' use of deception, subjecting an elderly man to a field execution, all in an attempt to portray the "safe corridor." This calculated move is aimed at concealing heinous crimes against those seeking refuge.

Euro-Med revealed that the Israeli occupation army released a photo showing a soldier, part of the operation on the main Salah al-Din road, engaging with 79-year-old Bashir Hajji from the Zaytou neighborhood. The soldier purportedly offered assistance and protection during displacement.

This incident adds to the Euro-Med documentation of Israeli forces targeting Palestinian refugees with live ammunition and artillery shells during attempts to evacuate to the Israeli-requested area in southern Gaza.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory calls on the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to conduct an urgent, independent investigation into the execution of Palestinian refugees. The aim is to hold perpetrators accountable, prosecute those who issued orders, and secure justice for the victims, emphasizing the urgent need for accountability.

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