Tunisian Hamza Hamry chases dream of winning UFC Championship

(Photo: Hamza Hamry archives)
AMMAN — Tunisian athlete Hamza Hamry is preparing to compete in the "Xantra" competition for mixed martial arts organized by Saudi Arabia on January 28 and 29, which will host many internationally recognized players from around the world. The winner will receive one million Saudi riyals.اضافة اعلان

(Photo: Hamza Hamry archives)

Hamry has been active in this sport for more than five years and has proven his skills today by participating in the Xantra competition.

In an interview with Jordan News, Hamry shared: "I have a lot of sports experiences. I started with football for two weeks, and then I went to judo, and I played 31 games, and I won 22 of them."

He added that “joining mixed martial arts is not easy. There are tests that all fighters undergo so that the best among them is chosen,” sharing that his introduction to the world of martial arts was through a video clip.

He concluded his speech by saying, "Despite the absence of national and Arab support for mixed martial arts, I aspire to achieve my dream and goal and obtain the UFC Championship title."

The sport of mixed martial arts is a mixture of martial arts, techniques, and different skills, where the laws allow the use of direct strikes, grappling techniques in a standing position or on the floor (Ground Fighting). It allows fighters to join the sport with different martial arts backgrounds such as judo, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, jujitsu.

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