Omeir Saeed wants to continue to ‘push’ wakeboarding as a sport

Wakeboarding athlete Omeir Saeed. (Photos: RedBull)
AMMAN — Emirati wakeboard star Omeir Saeed holds two Guinness World Records for the furthest ramp jump on a wakeboard (for the men’s category) and the most wakeboard “rail airs” (supermans) in 30 seconds, which he achieved in his city, Abu Dhabi. اضافة اعلان

Saeed was introduced to wakeboarding after his friend took him to Al-Forsan International Sports Resort in Abu Dhabi one day after school in 2011. Since then, wakeboarding has gone from a hobby to a passion. “The more I visited the resort, the more I wanted to come back,” said told Jordan News.

(Photos: RedBull)

Currently, his routine starts with him exercising in the morning with a full-body workout, then he visits the resort for a wakeboarding session and later plays Padel.

Wakeboarding is different from other sports as it requires a lot of focus, “more than some water sports,” according to Saeed. He emphasized that a lot of this focus must be distributed “to himself (the wakeboarder), the board, the obstacles, and the tricks all at once.” However, Saeed enjoys the focus and spending time in the water, as he shared that the best part of the sport was that and “meeting the wakeboarding community from all over the world.”

(Photos: RedBull)

COVID-19, much like the rest of the sports community, posed a challenge to Saeed, “I wasn’t able to visit the resort as often due to lockdown,” he said, adding that this impacted him both physically and mentally as wakeboarding was his way of de-stressing and relaxing. Another challenge he faced was “not being able to fly out to compete due to travel restrictions and cancellations of some competitions,” he said.

Saeed hopes “to continuously push myself and push the sport” as he moves forward with his career.

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