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ARIES: Do your best to see things from other people’s perspective and with objectivity. Learn to forgive well-intentioned but meaningless promises if they arise, but never make a promise that you won’t be able to keep.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You could be excited about a potential project until you see the budget. Too much money going out may mean you need to reevaluate your resources. Cutting back where you can might improve your options.

GEMINI: An intelligent presentation of facts can help clear up a misunderstanding. Do your best to keep an open mind and to consider trendy but viable solutions. Try not to make changes or decisions prior to a careful review.

CANCER: Anyone who talks about you may have nothing but positive things to say. Remain as alert as possible if an old friend returns to the fold. Use your imagination and you could make your financial maneuvering more profitable.

LEO: People may be trying to help, but you could be banging your head against different walls instead of following the signs. Seriously evaluate the advice you are given before deciding to use it or ignore it.

VIRGO: You may be feeling your best so it could be a fun time to set up a lunch date or social outing with loved ones. Touch base with friends to gather information or clear up any misunderstandings to start with a clean slate.

LIBRA: The scariest part of someone’s day may be the moment they meet someone new or step through the door. If you have to face the moment, remember you deserve to be there and your own special skillset can make you an asset.

SCORPIO: Unexpected changes may require you to be more flexible about your strategic plans. You could improve your financial status by putting your business savvy and expertise to effective use. You can think your way to the top.

SAGITTARIUS: Prove that you can be a collaborator if you are working with others and offer apologies if needed to start a new project on the right foot. Finances may benefit from some new data and a new perspective.

CAPRICORN: A loved one may want to be there for you but might need to see that you will also be there for them in return. Avoid letting a relationship become a part of the background noise or expect love to run on autopilot.

AQUARIUS: A desire to lead the way in business dealings might become briefly sidetracked by circumstances that could be beyond your control. You may show off around your family or use your home as the center for fun or social events.

PISCES: There may be many things you could do adequately, but true expertise comes with the expense of practice. Work to get your skills developed up to your aspirations. Getting the right credentials can improve your stature.

IF OCTOBER 31 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might need to obtain advice from your most trusted mentors before you commit to a new relationship or job during the coming three to four weeks. Your optimism may make you careless or extravagant, so enjoy yourself without going overboard. In late November and early December, you could lose your focus or become discouraged by contact with emotionally driven people or situations. Wait until January to make crucial financial decisions or to put your most precious plans into action while you may have a more practical attitude and a chance to display your leadership skills. You might think everything is coming up roses in February so you could spend time on your romantic wishes, or you could spend time on personal indulgences, but it could be more important to address your responsibilities faithfully and follow the rules.

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