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Youth Ministry, USAID launch virtual youth center

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USAID Mission Director Sherry F. Carlin is pictured at a launch ceremony for in this undated photo. (Photo: Handout from USAID)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Youth and USAID on Thursday launched the virtual youth center “”, the ministry’s flagship online platform that offers a safe space for youth to learn, engage, and network to achieve their full potential, according to a joint statement.اضافة اعلان was conceptualized and developed using a youth-led participatory approach that was gender sensitive, accessible, and inclusive of youth with disabilities, according to the statement.

To realize its vision, was designed around three main components that meet the needs of youth in Jordan: learn, engage, and network.

Through these interrelated components, provides youth across Jordan with a virtual space that provides information on training, health issues, transportation, and volunteer opportunities. also engages youth in the private sector through job/internship opportunities, and enables productive cross-community communication and constructive dialogue.

Taking into account that a large portion of the target audience might not have guaranteed access to high-speed internet, uses technologies that allow for slow loading time, works with all browsers and devices, and has features to make it more accessible for youth with disabilities.

USAID and the ministry’s hope that will act as the main instrument to address youth in Jordan.

The responsibility for sustaining the portal falls to private and public organizations across the Kingdom working together to support the ministry in providing youth a safe platform to dialogue, network, and explore opportunities for work placement and further education.

The platform will also provide investment opportunities in youth-designed social innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives, the statement said.

The ceremony, headed by Minister of Youth Mohammad Al-Nabulsi and USAID Mission Director Sherry F. Carlin was attended by representatives of several governmental institutions, youth organizations, community leaders, and media outlets.

“The Ministry of Youth believes in the importance of investing in technology, which has become the main and driving force worldwide to educate young people,” Nabulsi said, adding that “this virtual youth center represents a quantum leap forward in youth’s access to high-quality education and training programs.

This approach will contribute to shortening distances, breaking barriers, and overcoming many difficulties and obstacles faced by youth, especially in remote areas that lack youth centers or sports clubs.”

Mission Director Carlin praised the collaboration with the ministry and noted, “This center, with ongoing support from the Ministry of Youth, will help youth have virtual access to skills development and networks that will lead to promising educational and economic prospects needed to make their dreams a reality.”

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