Water Authority urges public to protect meters against freezing weather

water meters sanitary equipment on dark backgroun
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AMMAN — As temperatures are expected to drop below zero, the Kingdom’s Water Authority has called on the public to take preventative measures to protect their water meters, according to a local news outlet.اضافة اعلان

Water Authority official Sufyan Al-Bataineh said that freezing temperatures may cause damage to exposed water meters, leading to water cut-offs from the homes and properties of citizens. He stressed that the financial burden of repairing or replacing a damaged meter falls on the owner of the concerned property.

Bataineh called on the public to protect their meters by wrapping them with cloth or burlap and then covering them with plastic to safeguard against freezing.

He also called on citizens not to feed rainwater gutters into sewage networks, collecting it instead in collection tanks and using it for various domestic uses.

During the current weather depression, water cadres in various governorates have dealt with 240 cases in which gutters were connected to drainage networks — at times causing sewage water to overflow onto streets and properties.

Connecting rainwater gutters to municipal sewage networks and opening or tampering with manholes are violations punishable by law, he said.

The Kingdom’s sewage networks have a specific capacity and are designed only to receive sewage water, Bataineh explained. The introduction of further quantities of water, especially those coming from rainwater gutters or flowing into the streets, will lead to sewage overflows.  

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