US supports Jordan in dealing with water crisis — US ambassador

$8b of new infrastructure investments needed over next five to 10 years

US embassy
US embassy in Jordan (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — US ambassador to Jordan Henry Wooster said that the US will do everything to keep the stability of the Kingdom, including helping the country deal with its endemic water crisis, which he described as “a building block for stability.”اضافة اعلان

Speaking to representatives of the local media on Sunday at his residence, Wooster said that the US takes the water issue seriously not only because it’s key to survival but because it is fundamental to economic sustainability.

Wooster added that the challenge needs immediate action and that the US supports the message repeated by the prime minister and the minister of water over Jordan’s water challenge.

“We share this concern, and we are here to help ... because it is a key interest of the US,” he said. He added that in addition to drinking needs and agriculture, the three largest industries are being affected by water scarcity are tourism, textiles, and mining, stating that these sectors will be imperiled without water.

Wooster added that the US supports Jordan’s National Conveyance Project, which aims to desalinate seawater and pump it to Amman and other urban areas.

On the recent Declaration of Intent between Jordan, Israel, and the UAE, Wooster said that the US was not involved in negotiations and that the deal is a commercial deal between commercial entities and it is not a sovereign project for any of the three countries, whose viability is to be explored by the concerned parties.

For her part, the director of USAID and Jordan Mission, Sherry Carlin, said that bridging the gap to keep up with growing water demand will require more than $8 billion of new infrastructure investments over the next five to ten years.

Carlin added that the US had committed over $500 million to activities to support each and every one of these areas.

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