US concerned over Jordan’s Cybercrime Law

U.S. Embassy Jordan
(Photo: US Embassy Jordan)
AMMAN — The US Embassy in Amman shared on Wednesday an announcement from the State Department's daily press briefing regarding the proposed cybercrime law in Jordan. The statement by Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson, expressed concerns about the potential implications of the proposed law.اضافة اعلان

According to the statement, which was posted on Twitter, the proposed cybercrime law, as submitted to the Jordanian parliament, has the potential to limit both online and offline freedom of expression. Additionally, it could deter future investments in the technology sector. The law's vague definitions and concepts are seen as a risk to Jordan's homegrown economic reform efforts and could further restrict the space for journalists, bloggers, and civil society members to operate in the country.

The statement reiterated that for countries to thrive, there must be safeguards for freedom of expression, open debate, vibrant discourse, and information sharing. This includes protections for online platforms such as the press and social media.

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