Deputy Freihat criticizes amendments, raises freedom concerns

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AMMAN — In a recent development, Deputy Yanal Freihat, a member of the National Guidance and Media Committee, has expressed strong criticism towards the government's proposed amendments to the Electronic Crimes Law. Freihat voiced his concerns over the potential impact of these changes, stating that they could lead to a significant tightening of citizens' freedoms.اضافة اعلان

Freihat highlighted what he perceived as a glaring contradiction between the government's discourse on transitioning to a more party-based political landscape and the laws being introduced that could curtail freedom of expression and limit citizens' rights, Jo24 reported.

He suggested that such measures would effectively muzzle voices of dissent and impede upon the fundamental liberties enjoyed by the people.

The previous iteration of the Electronic Crimes Law
Citing past experiences, Freihat contended that the previous iteration of the Electronic Crimes Law had served as a tool of oppression, wielded against ordinary citizens.

He further opined that the government's intentions appeared to extend beyond reasonable regulation, aiming to exert excessive control over the margins of freedom in society.

Freihat expressed his belief that it was the role of the Parliament to safeguard and support these liberties, rather than contribute to their erosion through the passage of legislation during the current extraordinary session.

In concluding his remarks, Freihat recalled the stance taken by the 18th Parliament, which had firmly rejected similar amendments.

He expressed hope that the current Parliament would follow suit and adopt a similar position, emphasizing the importance of upholding citizens' freedoms.

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