Jordanians protest Swedish gov’t’s permission to burn Quran, call for boycott

swedish embassy
(Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — Hundreds of Jordanians assembled outside the Embassy of Sweden in the Abdoun area, west of the capital, on Tuesday evening. The protesters voiced their strong opposition to the Swedish government's decision to permit the burning of the Quran, the Islamic holy book.اضافة اعلان

Organized by the Islamic Movement, the protest aimed to condemn what the participants described as the Swedish government's hostile stance towards Islam and its disregard for the sanctity of the Quran, Jo24 reported.

‘No justification’
The protesters expressed their rejection of any form of insult, attack, or disrespect towards Islam and its symbols, sending a clear message to the Swedish government and Western nations perceived as oppressing Islam and Muslims.

The participants emphasized that the act of insulting and transgressing against the Quran and other heavenly books is not be justified as a matter of freedom.

They firmly stated that such actions have no connection to the principles of freedom of expression and opinion.

Call for boycott
During the protest, the attendees called for a boycott of Swedish products and companies, aiming to exert economic pressure in response to what they view as an affront to their religious beliefs.

Additionally, they appealed to UN representatives to enact legislation that would criminalize assaults and insults targeting religious symbols, sanctities, and religious books.

As a symbolic act of defiance, the participants burned the flag of Sweden, further expressing their discontent with the Swedish government's decision and their determination to protect the sacredness of their faith.