UNHCR reports 0.742% drop in Syrian refugees in Jordan

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced a decrease of 0.742 percent in the Syrian refugee population in Jordan. According to a report unveiled on Tuesday by the UNHCR the number of Syrian refugees in Jordan has decreased by 4,908 individuals between the beginning of 2023 and July 31.اضافة اعلان

The report underscores that the total number of refugees registered with the UNHCR as of the end of July was 656,762, a decrease from the 661,670 refugees registered at the start of the year, Hala News reported.

Distribution of refugees by governorate
When analyzing the distribution of refugee numbers by governorate, Amman, emerges as the host of the highest number of Syrian refugees in Jordan, with 195,334 refugees registered with the UNHCR.

Following closely is Mafraq with an approximate count of 169,043 Syrian refugees, trailed by Irbid with around 128,467 refugees. Zarqa provided refuge for 97,310 refugees, while Balqa and Madaba sheltered 17,039 and 13,027 refugees respectively. Jerash followed with 8,524 refugees, while Karak accounted for 8,312 refugees.

Ma'an and Ajloun accommodated 8,194 and 5,794 refugees respectively. Aqaba hosted 3,781 refugees, while Tafilah had the lowest number, housing 1,428 Syrian refugees within the Kingdom.

Population of registered and unregistered refugees stands at 1.3 million
Considering registered and unregistered refugees, the current Syrian population in Jordan stands at approximately 1.3 million, with almost half officially recognized as "refugees" under the UNHCR. According to UNHCR records, the tally of registered refugees reached 656,762 by the conclusion of the preceding month.

Safadi asks organizations to reconsidered their decision to reduce food aid for refugeesAmidst these circumstances, Ayman Safadi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, has recently appealed to the United Nations World Food Program and other organizations to reconsider their decision to reduce food aid for Syrian refugees in Jordan starting from August 1.

Safadi urges these organizations to review their position, underscoring that ensuring dignified living conditions for refugees constitutes a global responsibility, transcending our nation's role as a host.

He emphasizes the urgency for the United Nations to facilitate the voluntary repatriation of refugees. In the interim, he accentuates the significance of these agencies maintaining substantial support.

Safadi asserts, "We will consult with the neighboring host countries to convene a meeting aimed at collaboratively devising a response to the reduction in support for Syrian refugees and formulating strategies to mitigate its impact. The obligation of furnishing refugees with a life of dignity cannot indefinitely rest solely upon us."

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