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Truck owners to continue strike ‘until demands met’ — syndicate chief

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AMMAN — Chairman of the Syndicate of Jordanian Truck Owners Mohammad Al-Daoud said on Sunday that a strike by truck owners on the Desert Highway “will continue until the sector’s demands are met”, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.


The government is currently studying the truck owners’ demands, which the syndicate has passed on to government representatives, Daoud said.


He urged the government to meet these demands, which include increasing freight costs due to the rise in fuel prices, and imposing penalties on clearance companies that do not abide by the Kingdom’s minimum wage law.


Daoud also called for raising ship freight workers’ wages, in line with the Land Transport Regulatory Commission’s Transport Law, and establishing an exchange bureau for employees in the container sector, highlighting that this measure was approved by the Cabinet four years ago, but has yet to be enacted.


According to Daoud, 22,000 trucks are currently operating in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

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