Social security corporation audits school compliance with teacher inclusions

classroom school
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — According to the spokesperson for the General Social Security Corporation, Anas Al-Qudah, the institution is presently in the process of gathering data and records pertaining to teachers in schools, particularly those under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Private Education within the Ministry of Education. This endeavor serves the purpose of confirming whether schools are indeed complying with the inclusion of their employed teachers within the framework of the social security system.اضافة اعلان

Qudah highlighted that institution is diligently scrutinizing the adherence of all establishments to the practice of including their employees under the social security umbrella. In the event that any violations or discrepancies are uncovered during the auditing process, such as the failure to fully include wages within the social security system, corrective measures will be taken against non-compliant establishments, Ammon News reported.

He further underscored that the institution's teams are continuing their concerted efforts in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and other relevant authorities, encompassing all types of establishments. He also acknowledged the significant scale of schools, which demands substantial effort and an extended timeframe for comprehensive assessment. He emphasized that any infringements by an establishment would entail retroactive subscription payments and fines in accordance with the prevailing legal framework.

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