Pregnancy-based teacher job termination prohibited, ministry stresses

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AMMAN — The spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor, Mohammad Al-Zyoud, has emphasized that terminating the employment of a female teacher in private schools or kindergartens due to pregnancy is strictly prohibited. He also highlighted that, as per the Unified Employment Contract, it is not permissible to end the contract of a female teacher starting from the sixth month of pregnancy and extending throughout the maternity leave period.اضافة اعلان

Al-Zyoud has called upon all affected female teachers who encounter such practices in certain private schools to confidentially file complaints through the online protection platform. This step aims to ensure proper follow-up and resolution of the issue, Amman Net reported.

Furthermore, he noted that the Ministry has requested the Teachers' Committee within the General Union of Private Education Workers to provide a list of schools that are involved in these practices.

Emphasizing the Ministry's stance, he affirmed that the approval of any internal school regulations that allow for the termination of a female teacher's employment on the grounds of pregnancy is not acceptable.

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