Restaurant sector braces for Ramadan's iftar and suhoor traffic

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AMMAN – On Saturday, Omar Awad, the president of the Jordan Association for Restaurants and Sweet Shops Owners, highlighted the unique challenges and expectations facing the restaurant sector as Ramadan approaches. Traditionally, the first half of Ramadan witnesses a dip in demand, prompting many establishments to close temporarily for maintenance and renovation.اضافة اعلان

Awad explained that historical trends within the sector indicate a slowdown in demand during the initial weeks of Ramadan. During this period, families often prioritize home-cooked meals, leading to reduced foot traffic in restaurants. However, Al-Mamlaka TV reported that he anticipates a resurgence in demand during the latter half of Ramadan as families prepare for Eid celebrations and increase their dining out activities.

When it comes to food preferences during Ramadan, Awad notes distinct patterns. Traditional Jordanian dishes such as mansaf and zarb are popular choices during iftar, along with other customary table requirements. However, post-iftar sees a shift towards fast food and snacks, catering to the youth demographic with items like shawarma, hamburgers, and pizza. For suhoor, local favorites like hummus, foul, and falafel witness increased demand.

Despite anticipating increased demand during Ramadan's later stages, Awad acknowledges the challenging economic and political landscape facing Jordanians. Ongoing events in Gaza, including humanitarian crises and aggression, coupled with financial pressures, have impacted citizens' purchasing power and overall mood. As a result, restaurants are cautiously optimistic about activity levels during the holy month.

Nevertheless, the restaurant sector remains committed to serving the local market throughout Ramadan, offering both dine-in and delivery options for iftar and suhoor meals. Awad reassures customers that prices will remain stable thanks to intense competition in family offers and banquets.

In the realm of sweets, Ramadan brings a surge in demand for traditional treats such as qatayef, awama, and asabe zainab, along with favorites like knafeh and warbat. These desserts are central to family gatherings and are expected to see robust sales during the month-long festivities.

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