Renowned Jordanian artist Natasha Al-Maani passes away

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AMMAN — Renowned Jordanian artist Natasha Al-Maani passed away during the early hours of Friday, Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

Maani, born in Amman in 1959, was the daughter of esteemed writer Zahra Omar. From a young age, she showed a passion for art and began painting during her elementary school years. 

She left school early to join the ranks of the Palestinian revolution in Beirut in 1979.

During her time in Beirut, Maani immersed herself in the world of journalism and artistic expression. She acquired skills in journalistic directing and had the opportunity to study the works of numerous prominent Arab and international artists.

From Beirut to RamallahMaani's artistic journey took her from Beirut to Damascus and later to Tunisia. In Tunisia, she made significant contributions by designing several impactful posters for the first uprising of the unified media. 

In 1997, Maani returned to Amman for a period before eventually settling in Ramallah. There, she devoted herself to the fields of cultural and political media. 

Her passion for art and her commitment to her Palestinian heritage culminated in her supervision and design of the Mahmoud Darwish Museum, which was inaugurated in 2012.

An artistic legacyThroughout her career, Maani participated in numerous exhibitions, both in the Arab world and internationally. Notable among these was a joint art exhibition with artist Latifa Youssef in Tunisia in 1991, where her talent captivated audiences.

In 2014, she showcased her work at an art exhibition organized by the WATR Foundation, leaving a lasting impression on those who viewed her pieces. Additionally, Maani's paintings accompanied the Palestinian section of the Poetry Festival at the Arab World Institute in Paris, further solidifying her status as a respected artist.

Maani's most recent exhibition, held at the "Art and Tea" gallery and café in Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Amman, last year, was titled "Al-Mudathirat" (The Veiled Ones). 

The exhibition presented a collection of her latest works, focusing on the portrayal of women in various situations. Through her art, Maani aimed to convey the essence of women, showcasing their strength and significant role in society.

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