Power meters for car-charging offered to households

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An electric car charges at an electric charging station. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — At least 87 car-charging stations set up countrywide are completing the licensing procedures for operating them, while more than 1,700 approvals have been given for the installation of power meters in households, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

It said the comments were made Sunday by Tahreer Al-Qaq, the spokesperson of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission.

Qaq said that several charging stations under construction obtained permits and are in the process of completing licensing procedures for their operation. Of the total, 57 are public stations, while the remaining 30 are private, she said, pointing to the possibility of installing more than one charger in one station.

She said that public electric vehicle charging stations sell electric power to vehicles and provide public service, while private vehicle charging stations are not intended for commercial use.

She said that there are some 53 stations, currently operating across Jordan, 40 of them are public and 13 are private.

Licensing instructions for electric car charging activities enables anyone to apply with the commission for the purpose of establishing and installing a charging station, whether the station is public in or outside a gas station, according to Qaq.

She said that the commission has obliged newly established gas stations to provide an electric car charging station within their premises, in accordance with the conditions and requirements approved by the commission, since 2019.

The commission periodically monitors licensed stations to ensure their commitment to the operation of the electric charging station and the provision of the service.

The commission shall determine the appropriate tariff for the charging of electric cars and the limit on the distributor’s commission, or owner of the general charging station, and the cost of delivering power to the consumer, according to Qaq.

Currently, the tariff for charging electric cars, whether private or public, is calculated on the basis of home charging meter readings of 1–1,000 kilowatt-hours in the amount of 112 fils, which varies monthly. Consumption of more than 1,000kWh will be charged 260 fils, which is fixed.

As for the charging meters at gas stations; it is 112 fils for each 1kWh, plus a charging commission of 3.5 fils, if the chargers available are of the slow type. The amount jumps to 5 fils for fast charging types.

Qaq said that the commission is currently working to provide an online service for citizens to apply for a license for a public or a private charging station, through the energy and minerals regulatory commission’s website, for the purpose of facilitating the procedure.

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