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AMMAN — The head of the Media Committee at the Jordan Medical Association (JMA), Hazem Al-Qaraleh, said that the number of doctors who are not employed in Jordan ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 doctors, and he pointed out that these individuals will not have employment opportunities in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

He stated that the number of practicing doctors inside and outside Jordan has reached 27,900, according to the latest statistics.

The current state of the medical sector
He explained that Jordan can employ approximately 1,100 doctors for the employment of medical graduates, with 500 doctors being appointed in the Ministry of Health and around 500 to 600 doctors being appointed in other sectors.

Qaraleh added, "More than 30,000 students are enrolled in medical colleges inside and outside Jordan, and they will graduate in the next five years…. We will face terrifying unemployment, and no government will be able to deal with it unless real and thoughtful measures are taken."

He noted that the Medical Association has previously called for increasing government spending on this sector to reflect on the number of appointments, thereby increasing the number of appointed doctors and providing job opportunities for physicians.

Possible solutions to medical unemployment
He stressed that the decision to reduce the number of university seats for studying medicine is not a solution and described it as "unthoughtful," emphasizing the importance of "gradualism" in decisions that affect a wide segment of citizens to prevent disruption.

Instead he called for raising the number of doctors who are appointed in all sectors, marketing Jordanian doctors abroad, and regulating university outputs to mitigate the impact of unemployment, which is now threatening doctors.

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