2,500 doctors await employment through Civil Service Bureau — JMA head

Jordan’s job market struggles to absorb surge in medical graduates as medical specializations reach saturation

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AMMAN — The head of the Jordan Medical Association (JMA), Dr Ziyad Al-Zoubi, has revealed that 2,500 doctors remain unemployed, awaiting their turn on the Civil Service Bureau's employment list. اضافة اعلان

He further emphasized that medical specializations, along with pharmacy, dentistry, and select engineering branches, are now classified as saturated in the market,

Growing concern
Zoubi highlighted the concerning situation, stating that approximately 22,000 medical students are currently studying in Jordanian universities, with an additional 20,000 studying outside the Kingdom.

These numbers indicate that within the next five years, the country will witness the graduation of 42,000 doctors, a figure that aligns with the total medical faculty capacity across these universities, as reported by Jo24.

Drastic rise in unemployment
With such a significant influx of medical graduates expected, Zoubi expressed deep concern over the impending crisis in employment.

The oversupply of doctors will lead to a dramatic rise in the joblessness rate, further exacerbating the problem, he said.

In light of this situation, he advised high school students planning to pursue higher education to consider modern disciplines such as artificial intelligence, industrial engineering, and IT-related fields, which are currently in high demand in Jordan and globally.

Necessity to adapt
Zoubi emphasized that while the study of medicine should not be discouraged, the current surplus of graduates far exceeds the labor market's capacity to absorb them.

Consequently, the lack of job opportunities forces many doctors to seek employment abroad. To mitigate this issue, he urged educational institutions to adapt their offerings to match the evolving needs of the job market, ensuring a more balanced distribution of human resources in various sectors.

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