New trail opens at Azraq Wetland Reserve

Al azraq
(Photo: RSCN)
AZRAQ — The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) on Sunday opened a new tour track for four-wheel drive vehicles at the Azraq Wetland Reserve, an RSCN affiliate, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.اضافة اعلان

The 15km “Al Qassayim Trail”, named after the area it is located in, takes about three hours to finish, taking visitors on a spin around the reserve all the way to a spot known as Al-Qa’ meaning “the bottom”, famous for its oasis during the rainy season and a view of passing migrant birds.

Part of the track takes visitors into Al Qassayim hills and then down to a rest stop to enjoy tea brewed on firewood.

According to an RSCN statement, the new trail aims to attract visitors and offer a new tourism product that fits the area’s terrain and diversifies activities for people staying at the reserve.

The trail was carefully chosen to ensure that no damage is done to the reserve’s plants and animals, said RSCN Director-General Fadi Nasser.

He noted that the RSCN seeks to boost the number of visitors wishing to enjoy the uniqueness of the reserve, which features an oasis that attracts many migrating birds. The RSCN also intends to increase the local community’s support, he said, adding that the reserve’s facilities are open all year round.

Drivers wishing to go on the tour must have a driver’s license and be 18 or older, while passengers must be 16 or older; standard safety measures, such as wearing seat belts, must be observed by all.

The Azraq Wetland Reserve, established in 1978, is a crucial stop for migrating birds and an excellent destination for bird watching. A third of the Kingdom’s bird species, 350, were registered in the reserve, in addition to the endemic Aphanius sirhani fish.

The reserve was recently chosen as one of the 100 best sustainable sites in the world by the Green Destinations 2022 conference held last month in Athens.

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