Ministry of Public works under scrutiny of Contractor’s Syndicate

ministry of public works and housing building
Ministry of Public Works and Housing. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Contractors' Syndicate president and council members met with a group of specialized engineering offices to discuss the cancellation of the Ministry of Public Works' previous road directives, and to review and modify the proposed procedures for project acceptance and settlement in both road and building projects to align them with technical specifications. اضافة اعلان

An agreement was signed with them to conduct a study on the "financial and technical impact" of the project and review the new procedures for acceptance, rejection, and settlement, at a cost of approximately 10,000 JD. The meeting was attended by technical committee members at the Syndicate's headquarters.

Syndicate’s concerns
Ayman Al-Khudairi, the president of the syndicate, expressed concern over the recent cancellation of tenders even after they were opened. Saying that the contractors were burdened with significant expenses, such as tender costs, study expenses, and financial guarantees, due to the reissuing of the tender after revealing its price.

He demanded that the Minister of Public Works explain these actions and clarify the handling of the funded loans, expressing that diverting the funds for other purposes damages the credibility towards the lenders. He also criticized the arbitrary manner of terminating contracts without considering the contractual reasons behind any delays, pointing out that contractors who faced unjust termination took legal actions against the Ministry.

He questioned the practice of issuing tenders without specific allocations and the ease of contract termination without clear contractual justifications, raising concerns about the impact on the national economy and the loss of jobs for Jordanian citizens, especially given the high unemployment rate. He also criticized the Ministry's delay in settling rightful contractual claims and processing change orders, treating them as if they were corruption cases.

In conclusion, the President of the Contractors' Syndicate urged contractors to refrain from participating in the current tenders until the relationship with the Ministry is corrected, and arbitrary practices are abolished. He hoped for a positive response to the legitimate demands of the contractors and the sector, restoring a good relationship with the Ministry that serves the nation's economic interests.

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