Jordan extends deadline for National Water Carrier Project bids

Three coalitions remain eligible amidst withdrawals, says ministry spokesperson

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AMMAN — The Ministry of Water has announced an extension of the deadline for submitting financial and technical proposals for the National Water Carrier Project. اضافة اعلان

According to the ministry's spokesperson, Omar Salama, two coalitions had withdrawn from the bidding process, with one failing to submit the necessary technical and financial proposals. The other coalition did not meet the project's required specifications.

As a result, three out of the initial five coalitions remain eligible to carry out the project, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

These developments prompted the ministry to extend the deadline until the end of this year, providing an opportunity for interested bidders to submit their offers in December.

The extension aims to obtain competitive prices and ensure the project's implementation within the specified requirements and timeframe.

Cost considerations and economic conditions
Explaining the reasons behind the extension, Salama emphasized the high cost of the National Water Carrier Project and the current economic conditions.

The project, estimated at around JD2.5 billion, requires substantial funding. Salama further stated that the project is a crucial national strategic endeavor aimed at ensuring water security for Jordan.

Minister of Water and Irrigation, Mohammad Al-Najjar, said in a previous statement that the deadline for submitting bids was extended until December to give developers sufficient time to submit comprehensive technical and financial offers based on the request of the qualified coalitions to implement the project.

According to the executive program for the Economic Modernization Vision of the Ministry of Water, it was planned to receive bids for the implementation of the National Water Carrier Project on March 31, 2022 and select the preferred tenderer to implement the project in May before extending the deadline to July.

Water supply timeline
Once completed, the National Water Carrier Project will play a vital role in addressing water scarcity in Jordan.

The project involves desalinating water from the Red Sea in Aqaba and supplying it to various governorates, including the capital city, Amman.

The ministry has set a target for the water supply to commence in 2027.

International support and financing
The national water carrier project has received substantial commitments from countries and donor organizations.

The total value of commitments, including grants and loans, has surpassed $2.4 billion, as reported by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

This support reflects the recognition of Jordan's water scarcity challenges and the importance of improving water supply efficiency.

Jordan faces severe water scarcity, with an annual per capita availability of only 97 cubic meters. This figure falls well below the threshold of 500 cubic meters per capita annually, indicating absolute water scarcity.

The country's land area, more than 92 percent of which is classified as semi-arid or arid, receives less than 200mm of rainfall each year.

Population growth resulting from natural increase and the influx of refugees has further strained water resources in Jordan.

The country currently hosts approximately 1.3 million Syrian refugees, constituting 20 percent of Jordan's pre-Syrian crisis population.

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