Minister opens conference on heart surgery challenges

Minister of Health Firas Hawari
Minister of Health Firas Hawari. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Thursday, Minister of Health Firas Hawari inaugurated a medical conference addressing the reality and challenges of heart surgery at Prince Hamzah Hospital. In his opening address, Hawari underscored that heart disease ranks among the foremost global and Middle Eastern causes of mortality, its prevalence soaring due to risk factors such as smoking, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.اضافة اعلان

Shielding society from the perils of smokingHawari emphasized the imperative of shielding society from the perils of smoking, necessitating infrastructure improvements to mitigate its impact and deliver suitable treatments. This, in turn, entails addressing mounting treatment costs for both the state and citizens, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported. He stressed, "Urgent action is thus warranted to safeguard our society and children from this perilous scourge."

Conducted nearly 700 heart surgeries In the past two years, the Hospital for Specialized Surgery has conducted nearly 700 heart surgeries, while the new Al Hussein Salt Hospital has performed over 100 heart surgeries in less than a year. Prince Hamzah Hospital conducts approximately 300 heart surgery procedures annually, and plans are in motion to establish a heart surgery department at Zarqa Governmental Hospital.

Hawari also highlighted the substantial increase in surgical procedures conducted within the Ministry of Health's hospitals over the past two years. Previously, the Ministry referred patients to private hospitals for procedures like open-heart surgeries, cardiac catheterizations, and vascular and arterial surgeries to accommodate the growing patient numbers and surgical demands.

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