Minister of Interior visits Zaatari Camp

ARDD briefs Faraya on legal services for Syrian refugees in camp

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(Photo: ARDD)
AMMAN Minister of Interior, Mazen Al-Faraya, visited the Zaatari camp in Jordan on Tuesday, to review the legal protection efforts and services provided by the Jordanian government, the UNHCR, and ARDD for Syrian refugees in the camp. اضافة اعلان

The visit was aimed at shedding light on the challenges faced by refugees and Jordan's achievements and efforts in this context, according to a press statement.

The tour was organized in coordination with the UNHCR in Jordan and included a visit to the ARDD office for Arab democracy and development for Syrian refugees in the camp, followed by a home visit to a Syrian family.

The tour started with a visit to the ARDD office sections to review the legal services provided to refugees. Then, the minister and his delegation visited a Syrian family in their home.

Maghrib prayer and iftar with refugeesThe minister and his delegation then performed the Maghrib prayer and had iftar with refugees, the UNHCR, and ARDD at the "Made in Zaatari" center. The center hosted a discussion session with young people from the refugee community, exchanging conversation about the camp's conditions, priorities, and challenges.

During the visit, Faraya appreciated the efforts made by Jordan despite the circumstances it faces towards the Syrian refugee file. He emphasized the importance of providing more international and UN support and care to alleviate the Kingdom's burden in this regard.

He also pointed out that the Zaatari camp represents a unique experience, given the level of services available and provided to refugees and the high level of organization in managing the camp.

Legal and judicial servicesARDD's Executive Director, Samar Mahareb, provided Faraya with a briefing on the most prominent legal and judicial services provided by the organization's office in the camp.

Since its establishment in July 2014, ARDD's office has provided legal services to 25,576 beneficiaries inside and outside the camps. They have also issued over 2,000 birth certificates and represented over 320 beneficiaries in various cases.

Additionally, ARDD has followed up on more than 50,000 transactions at the branches of Sharia courts inside the camps.

ARDD, in the statement, also pointed out the large volume of cases compared to the limited time available to the judge in the camp, in addition to the fact that the court inside the camp is limited to Sharia law, while the regular courts are located outside the camp.

There is also the difficulty of the camp's conditions and the recent exacerbation of funding and aid.

RecommendationsBased on the picture of the camp's reality and developments, ARDD recommended continued international and local efforts to support the refugee crisis in the region. They highlighted the importance of Jordan's role in this field for its achievements in partnership with the UNHCR, in order to ensure the application of Jordanian law sovereignty and the guarantee of the foundations of fair trials in all circumstances.

ARDD emphasized the need to develop the justice sector and continue to support and fund it, and to coordinate between different government, private and civil society institutions to ensure the protection of refugees and host communities, and to provide adequate living conditions for them in these difficult circumstances.

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