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Medical association JD19M deficit deepens as doctors fail to pay dues

(Photo: From Jordan Medical Association facebook page)
AMMAN — The Jordan Medical Association suffers from a large financial deficit, which is expected to become even worse in the coming months. The association’s treasurer, Yaldar Shafaqoj, told Jordan News that the deficit is estimated at JD19 million.اضافة اعلان

Shafaqoj explained that “there is more than JD400,000 missing each month. Thousands of doctors do not pay their annual fees, which puts us in a very bad situation — among them are retired and expelled doctors.” 

He said the association needs a significant increase in subscriptions, adding that if doctors paid their subscription fees the association wouldn’t have this deficit.

According to doctors who spoke to Jordan News, the deficit situation is exacerbated by the absence of an elected association council. They said that the medical sector’s problems would have been easily solved if there was an elected council. 

Ahmad Al-Armouti, a doctor, and former head of the medical association, told Jordan News that holding elections and electing an association council are crucial to halt the collapse of the association. 

“Doctors are passing through the most difficult time in the history of their association, since its establishment in the 1950s of the last century,” Armouti said. He said that to get out of these accumulated crises doctors must elect a new council as soon as possible.

“In order to preserve the association’s (brilliant achievements), it is a must to intensify inspections of violating clinics and medical centers whose doctors are not registered with the association and who do not pay their annual fees,” Armouti said, adding that this has not been fulfilled until now, pointing to the absent role of the Ministry of Health in this regard.

Armouti said that the members of the next elected council of the association should be highly qualified and well experienced. He said that the absence of qualifications result in an inability of leading the association in the right way.

The acting head of the association, Mohammad Rasool Al-Tarawneh, told Jordan News that they have taken rapid administrative procedures to resolve the issues at hand. 

“We want to help doctors who have not paid their fees yet, this is why we extended the instalment payment period,” Tarawneh said, adding that even some private hospitals do not pay dues to the association.

“Fees should be deducted through the Financial Department of the Ministry of Health for government hospital doctors,” Tarawneh said.

The Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee visited the Jordan Medical Association almost three weeks ago to discuss the problems it was facing.

The head of the committee, Ahmad Al-Sarahna, said at that time, that the committee is fully prepared to find effective solutions for the association, stressing that the committee will accept any suggestions from the association.

Sarahna stressed the need to work together as a team in order to find real solutions as soon as possible. “Teamwork is one of the most important factors for success,” he said.

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