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Lower House approves punishment for begging

2. Lower House
(Photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — The Lower House approved on Tuesday the Penal Code article related to begging, which says: “A penalty of imprisonment for a period of not less than three months and not exceeding a year shall be inflicted on anyone who: gives or asks for charity from people by displaying wounds or a disability, or faking them, or by any other means, whether wandering or sitting in a public place, or was found driving a minor under sixteen years of age to beg and collect alms, or encourages the minor to do so.اضافة اعلان

“Or anyone who displays, with the intent of begging, goods or show games or other acts that are not suitable, by themselves, as a serious source of livelihood, or uses any other fraudulent means to elicit public sympathy with the intent of begging, or is found collecting alms or charitable donations based on a false allegation,” Al-Ghad News reported.

The article also states that “the seized funds, things and tools shall be confiscated from whoever is found committing any of the acts stipulated in this article, and the court shall order that they be handed over to the Ministry of Social Development to spend on bodies and institutions concerned with beggars.

“Mitigating reasons may be used, and the Ministry of Social Development is obliged to include in its report evidence that such acts are repeated, and that without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated in any other legislation, whoever forces others to commit any of the acts stipulated in the Paragraph 1 of this article shall be imprisoned for a period of no less than two years.

“The Minister of Social Development may assign one or more employees to investigate the crimes mentioned in this article, arrest the perpetrators, and refer them to the competent judicial authorities.”

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