Local experts say Israel AG decision ‘to weaken Palestinians’ position’

Israeli occupation forces fire tear gas at Palestinians
Israeli occupation forces fire tear gas as Palestinian protesters and activists flee, near the entrance of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem on May 29, 2021. (Photo: AFP)
AMMAN — The Israeli attorney general on Monday decided not to interfere in the Sheikh Jarrah case in Jerusalem, where Palestinians are facing forced evictions from their homes. The decision caused widespread shock and surprise.اضافة اعلان

Ayman Hunaiti, a political analyst and Israeli affairs expert, told Jordan News that decision was taken in a bid to avoid more outrage and suspicion.

Because of this, "the case has turned from a political case to a real estate case,” Hunaiti said. "This is for their own benefit. They know how to legalize things in order to win. The case will go through legal phases in courts without the intervention of the international community.”

"In this way no one can stand in their way, or prevent them from taking the houses in Sheikh Jarrah — from their own perspective they will take the houses in a legal way,” he added.

An attorney defending Sheikh Jarrah's residents told Jordan News that "this decision is an attempt from Israel to weaken Sheikh Jarrah citizens’ position in the case, but this will not happen."

"We will defend our rights despite all their attempts to weaken us,” he said. “In the end this is a human rights case. It is the citizens’ rights to have their homes protected and safe."

"Media platforms are defending us, and we still need their support, I want people from all around the world to talk about our case and let all the world know about the injustice citizens here are facing. Imagine if someone comes and wants to take your home, you will fight to get it back and this is our case,” he concluded.

Twenty-eight families in Sheikh Jarrah, themselves refugees who fled to the neighborhood during an earlier conflict, are facing forced expulsion.

Tensions that started because of the forced eviction of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, led to the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip last month.

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