Jordanian Syrian Joint Industrial Free Zone to reopen soon

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The Jaber border crossing with Syria is pictured in this photo taken on September 29, 2021. A stakeholder on Monday said that the Jordanian-Syrian Joint Industrial Free Zone will reopen soon as well, after years of closure. (Photo: AFP)
AMMAN — The Jordanian-Syrian Joint Industrial Free Zone will reopen soon after years of closure, according to the director general of the Jordanian-Syrian Joint Industrial Free Zone Company, Irfan Al-Khasawneh. اضافة اعلان

“Preparations for reopening the zone are currently being completed, as the two countries (Jordan and Syria) are working to complete the requirements for the resumption of work at the free zone after years of hiatus,” Khasawneh told Jordan News. 

He said the zone provides about 2,000 job opportunities across various fields. “There are plans to enhance economic cooperation between the two countries in various fields, especially trade and investment,” Khasawneh said.
He said that the free zone is almost 6,500 dunums in area, and straddles the border between Jordan and Syria. Half of it is inside Syria and the other half is in Jordan. Almost 1,500 dunums already have investments.

“We had more than 560 contracts with different investments that provided us with millions before the zone was closed almost five years,” Khasawneh said, adding that “almost” all investors are coming back with the reopening of the free zone. 

“The zone plays a significant role in developing the Jordanian economy. More than 400 trucks passed through each day before the zone was closed,” Khasawneh said. He pointed to the many sectors at the free zone and the many job opportunities it represents. 

He said it’s hard to say exactly when the free zone is going to reopen, but he said it will happen “very soon”. 

Mohammad Ammar, a merchant and businessman, told Jordan News that reopening the zone would contribute to the development of various sectors.
“Operating the Syrian Jordanian free zone will enhance different opportunities for economic cooperation between the two countries in various fields,” Ammar said.

The former Minister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya, previously decided to reopen the Jordanian-Syrian border at Jaber crossing at the end of September. 
The Ministry of Interior said in previous statements that this decision was aimed at revitalizing the movement of trade and tourism between the two brotherly countries, taking into account the required security and health measures, which came under the directives of the prime minister during his visit to the Jaber border crossing on July 8. 

The company has helped attract various investments from the two countries in various commercial, industrial, and service sectors, in addition to activating the role of sectors supporting the investment process such as transportation and customs clearance.

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