Jordan conducted 117 airdrops of aid to Gaza— JHCO

(Photo: Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization)
AMMAN — On Tuesday, the Secretary-General of the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO), Hussein Al-Shibli announced that 117 airlifts to Gaza were conducted from Jordan, including 50 by the Jordanian Armed Forces- Arab Army (JAF) and 67 in partnership with friendly and brotherly countries, Al-Mamlaka TV reported. اضافة اعلان

 During a media briefing titled "Humanitarian and Relief Efforts of the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization," Shibli explained that 508 trucks were sent to Gaza as part of the relief land bridge, with 333 in collaboration with international organizations and 175 in cooperation with the JAF.

Shibli highlighted that 48 relief planes were dispatched through the charity organization to El-Arish Airport, then to the Rafah Crossing, for delivery to Gaza, emphasizing Jordan's continuous efforts to deliver aid to Gaza despite obstacles and challenges.

Shibli affirmed Jordan's leadership in humanitarian diplomacy by providing support and external aid to several countries, including Palestine, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, and others, adding that the organization has sent over $212 million worth of aid to Palestine before October 7, 2023.

JHCO: A beacon of humanitarian assistance and empowerment
Shibli described the organization as a non-governmental, non-profit national institution, founded on Hashemite vision to reflect the religious and social heritage of the Jordanian state, noting that the organization has various projects and programs, including emergency, health, seasonal, educational, empowerment, and sustainable development projects.

Shibli emphasized that the organization serves an average of 83,000 beneficiaries annually, with a total value exceeding $1 million.

Furthermore, Shibli highlighted that JHCO commenced operations in 1990 and is among the first charity organizations in sisterly countries to carry out charitable work inside and outside Jordan, aligning with the Kingdom's charitable efforts.

He underscored the significant role of His Majesty King Abdullah as the foremost supporter of the Palestinian cause and provider of aid to Palestinians, noting that the Palestinian cause is pivotal for Jordan, with aid totaling $212.6 million before last October.

Shibli presented the organization's major programs and projects, including emergency, health, training, empowerment, sustainable development, seasonal, educational, and food support projects. The total beneficiaries of its services annually amount to approximately 83,000, with a total value of $1.961 million.

He outlined the organization's sustainable and ongoing projects, such as the ‘Arzaq’ project 2015-2022, which benefited 2,857 participants in sewing and handicrafts courses, and the ‘Tarabut’ project 2015-2023, with 45,017 beneficiaries, as well as the ‘Charity Clothing Bank (CCB)’ project 2013-2023, which has served 1,528,580 individuals.

Shibli recounted the organization's assistance to friendly and brotherly countries affected by natural disasters, including Sudan since 1985, with approximately $10.656 million, and Bosnia and Herzegovina with $5.707 million. Additionally, Jordan hosts a Jordanian school teaching in Arabic on its territory.

He mentioned that the aid to Pakistan amounted to $3.524 million. Moreover, he underscored Jordan's continuous aid to Lebanon since 2020, following the Beirut port explosion, through the dispatch of six planes carrying over 65 tonnes of relief, food, and medical supplies, as well as providing medical supplies to the military field hospital set up by the JAF in Beirut, along with sending three trucks carrying prefabricated houses.

Shibli also stated that in 2021, the organization sent three trucks carrying medicines to Lebanon to assist the medical sector, in addition to dispatching 10 planes carrying over 115 tonnes of relief, food, and medical supplies.

He further highlighted Jordan's significant role in the Syrian crisis and its support for the Syrian people, with the number of Syrian refugees in Jordan reaching 1.368 million. He noted that the organization's role extends beyond coordinating aid for Syrian refugees to implementing home projects for their empowerment.

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