Jordan among the most expensive Arab countries – economic expert

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Economic expert Mohammed Al-Bashir stated that Jordan's economic conditions were better in 2020 compared to the current year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on Jordanians.اضافة اعلان

According to Bashir, Jordan is among the most expensive Arab countries, with a minimum wage of 260 dinars and rising unemployment, Saraya news reported.

He also addressed the issue of increasing taxes, leading to weakened purchasing power amidst challenging living conditions for Jordanians, describing this as a "dual problem." The economy is experiencing a noticeable distortion, particularly in sectors like banking, trade, and information technology.

Citizen’s primary rights
Bashir emphasized that tax distortion is a fundamental problem in Jordan, negatively affecting citizens and economic establishments. He added, "The state should not impose taxes without fulfilling citizens' primary rights."

Essential services such as public transportation are inadequate, Bashir said, along with the lack of comprehensive insurance and proper education, these inadequacies heavily burden consumers.

He explained that keeping up with development and population growth rates highlights key issues in sales tax, energy and its derivatives, and interest on loans, as well as social security shares.

Bashir noted that the government injected significant funds to address the pandemic, attempted to avoid raising fuel prices, and maintained loan interest rates. Yet successive governments arbitrarily handled these issues, burdening citizens and economic establishments due to contradicting government financial policies.

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