Jordan Marks Labor Day with Progress, Partnership

Jordan Marks Labor Day with Progress, Partnership
Amman - Jordan joins nations worldwide in celebrating International Workers' Day on Wednesday, a day dedicated to honoring the significant contribution of workers to national development and prosperity.اضافة اعلان

Also known as Labor Day, celebrated in Jordan and globally on May 1, this year's observance coincides with a momentous national occasion: the silver jubilee of His Majesty King Abdullah II's assumption of constitutional powers.

Since King Abdullah II ascended to the throne, the labor sector has undergone remarkable development and achieved substantial milestones across various fronts.

These include the creation of job opportunities, bolstering the national economy, supporting comprehensive development, refining labor standards, advancing labor rights, and enhancing working conditions.

In his addresses, His Majesty has consistently emphasized the importance of providing job stability and a safe work environment for workers, recognizing their dedication, diligence, and pivotal role in advancing the nation's prosperity.

The labor movement has expressed pride in the Hashemite leadership and commended the government's initiatives and projects aimed at reducing unemployment rates, fostering economic activity, and empowering workers.

Minister of Labor Nadia Rawabdeh extended her congratulations to all Jordanian workers, irrespective of their roles, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to national progress.

She underscored the Ministry's commitment to safeguarding workers' rights and gains through legislative development, inspection enhancements, and the Himaya electronic platform for labor complaints.

Rawabdeh highlighted recent amendments to the Labor Law of 2023, which further protect the rights of working women and individuals with disabilities.

Additionally, she emphasized the Ministry's collaborative approach with stakeholders, including employers and trade unions, to develop labor market regulations and promote social dialogue.

Efforts to enhance occupational safety and health standards have been a priority in response to His Majesty's directives, aiming to create a conducive work environment that boosts productivity and well-being.

The Ministry's initiatives to resolve labor disputes have resulted in the signing of collective labor contracts in various sectors, improving working and living conditions for workers.

Rawabdeh emphasized the Ministry's partnership with the private sector, which has led to the establishment of 29 production units across the Kingdom, generating employment opportunities for Jordanians. Additionally, programs like the National Employment Program aim to engage young Jordanians in diverse sectors across the country.

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