Islamic Action Front seeks ‘Barbie’ film ban amid content concerns

Barbie Movie Trailer Margot Robbie
(Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — The Islamic Action Front (IAF) strongly condemns the approval to screen the film "Barbie" in Jordan, citing explicit scenes that defy the constitution and contradict the nation's values, Arab identity, and Islamic principles. Despite its ban in other Arab and Islamic countries, IAF demands a ban on the film's screening and accountability for permitting it.اضافة اعلان

IAF highlights the inconsistency of allowing the film's display with Jordan's Islamic identity, embedded in Article 2 of the constitution. Moreover, the party stresses that the film's content challenges Jordanian family values, potentially undermining them, Jo24 reported.

Additionally, IAF points out that permitting the film's screening contradicts the state's obligations under the Child Rights Law, Article 8, subsection B. This mandates authorities to prevent children's access to explicit content through policies and measures, including the power to seize, suspend, or confiscate materials.

IAF asserts that the film's offensive content violates the law, punishable for production and dissemination. The party urges the Fatwa Department, Ministry of Awqaf, and relevant authorities to protect Jordan's Arab-Islamic values from these deviations.

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