INGOs in Jordan urge international community to maintain support to Jordan

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AMMAN — INGOs in Jordan are calling on the international community to continue supporting the country as it grapples with the ongoing Syrian crisis and various regional challenges. اضافة اعلان

With over 740,762 registered refugees, including 660,022 Syrians, the living conditions for these individuals are deteriorating, compounded by the strains on Jordan's economy and the dwindling international aid, the Jordan INGO Forum highlighted in a statement.

Despite the limited resources of Jordan, the international community has yet to fulfill its commitments, with only 10 percent of the required funding secured for the Jordan Response Plan in the first quarter of 2023.

90 percent of refugee households remain in debt
A Vulnerability Assessment Framework conducted by UNHCR revealed that 90 percent of refugee households remain in debt, resorting to negative coping mechanisms to meet their basic needs.

Furthermore, the International Monetary Fund highlighted the unprecedented levels of unemployment in Jordan, with rates reaching 22.6 percent and youth unemployment close to 50 percent.

97 percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan do not foresee returning to Syria next yearWhile recent regional reconciliation efforts with the Syrian government have raised questions about the voluntary return of Syrian refugees, statistics from UNHCR indicate that 97 percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan do not foresee returning next year.

Given the current economic and security situations in Syria, coupled with the absence of a political solution, it could be years before conditions for a safe return are met.

Diminishing humanitarian funding poses a significant obstacle to achieving the desired impact in all sectors of the response.

According to the statement, this not only undermines the transition to development programs but also contributes to increased vulnerabilities and aid dependency among Syrian refugees, refugees of other nationalities, and host communities.

In light of these challenges and the country's struggling economy, it is crucial for the international community to fulfill its responsibilities towards host countries like Jordan.

Increased humanitarian and development assistance are essential in helping refugees and host communities cope with the consequences of the economic downturn and break free from the cycle of aid dependency.

A call for the international community
The INGOs in Jordan are calling for the Jordan Response Plan to become a comprehensive collaborative structure that aligns with the government's national strategies and adheres to globally recognized benchmarks for refugee laws.

This approach would secure firm commitments from humanitarian and development financing entities, allowing for a more effective response to the formidable obstacles faced by Jordan concerning its economy, social welfare, and ecological landscape.

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