Half of female pensioners are sole breadwinners — study

(Photo: Feminist Integral Center for Research and Innovation Facebook)
AMMAN — A recent poll by the Feminist Integral Center for Research and Innovation (FICRI) of 607 female pensioners, early retirees, and women who received a single end-of-service payment on the topic of the Social Security Law showed that half of those surveyed were the sole breadwinners of their household, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

Thirty percent of those surveyed were women who were breadwinners alongside other family members.

The study found that one-third of those polled had gone into early retirement, one-third were pensioners, and one-third had received a single payment. These findings suggest that the Social Security Corporation’s (SSC) focus on “protecting women in their old age” may be too narrow.

Around 69 percent of those polled were against raising women’s retirement age to 60 years old, citing early retirement as an option for women who want to take care of their children.

Around 27 percent of those polled said they were in favor of raising the retirement age, in order to be able to increase their pensions and assume leadership positions.

However, around 32.5 percent of the women included in the poll believed that raising the pension age to 60 would give them a chance to rise to positions of greater responsibility and leadership.

The SSC allows those who withdraw their entitlements to reinstate their subscription, provided that they repay the money received plus interest, or restart subscription.

Of those polled, 51 percent had restarted their subscriptions, further highlighting the importance of social security.

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