Majority of Jordanians are neutral on Ukraine war — survey

Kharkiv municipal employees fill bags with sand to protect the city's monuments from strikes on March 26, 2022 in Kharkiv where local authorities reported 44 Russian artillery bombardments and 140 rocket assaults in a single day. (Photo: AFP)
AMMAN — The majority of Jordanians are neither with Russia nor with Ukraine in the ongoing war, a recently conducted poll indicated. NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions conducted a nationally representative survey of 1,241 Jordanian adults to gauge their thoughts on the war.اضافة اعلان

Jordanians remained consistent in their foreign support compared to previous surveys conducted by NAMA. In a 2021 foreign relations survey, 80 percent of those polled were neutral about the US-Russian rivalry and 79 percent were neutral about the US-Chinese rivalry.

In the current poll, 75.1 percent of Jordanians said they neither support Russia nor Ukraine.

However, of the 21.6 percent who said they were not neutral, 13.6 percent were in support of Ukraine compared to 8 percent for Russia. Some of the reasons cited in support of Ukraine included that Ukraine was weaker, Russia was the aggressor, and that Ukraine has the right to self-defense. Those who supported Russia said it needed to defend itself from NATO and the US and that Russia had the right to take Ukrainian land.

When it comes to assigning blame, nearly 43 percent of those polled blamed Russia for the war compared to 12.3 percent who blamed Ukraine. Thirty-three percent were unsure and about 12 percent blamed other countries or entities such as the US, NATO, and Israel.

Neutrality was, for the most part, mirrored through Jordanians’ perceptions when asked which side they think the Jordanian government was supporting. As such, about 45 percent indicated that the government was not supporting either party, whereas 16.5 percent believed that Jordan supports Ukraine and 5.5 percent said that it supports Russia. Additionally, 57 percent of Jordanians believe that Arab states should remain neutral in the conflict. While about 22 percent of Jordanians think that Arab states should support Ukraine, only 5.2 percent think that they should be supporting Russia.
13.6% Support Ukraine, 8% support Russia

Impact on Jordan

Given the magnitude of the war and the extent of its impact on other parts of the world, nearly 82 percent of Jordanians believe that the war will have a negative impact on Jordan, compared to 12 percent who think there will be no impact at all. Of those who believe it will have a negative impact, about 91.5 percent mentioned economic repercussions, such as price hikes, difficulty in importing goods into Jordan, and scarcity of natural resources and food commodities.

Jordanians were asked to express their views regarding which side they think Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, and Iran support in this war, and the results showed that a median of 46.4 percent of Jordanians were unsure which side these countries support. For the most part and when it comes to China and Iran, about 45.5 percent and 42.1 percent of Jordanians believe that these two countries support Russia. For Germany, Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, more Jordanians believe that these countries are in support of Ukraine than Russia.

Looking at Jordanians’ level of support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the survey results demonstrate that about 54.3 percent of Jordanians support Ukraine’s territorial integrity (41.2 percent fully support and 13.1 percent somewhat support). On the other hand, 40.7 percent of Jordanians are indifferent to this particular aspect as they indicated that it does not matter to them. At the same time, nearly 90 percent of Jordanians believe that it is unacceptable for any country to invade another. However, when the discussion shifts to this particular invasion (i.e., the Russian invasion of Ukraine), 47.8 percent of Jordanians believe that it is not justified at all, showing a major 42 percentage point decline from the general context to the specific.

When it comes to the refugee crisis induced by the Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, the survey results show that 54 percent of Jordanians are very sympathetic towards Ukrainian refugees followed by 22 percent who are somewhat sympathetic, whereas 14.1 percent are not at all sympathetic towards them.

Intervention and conflict resolution

The next section of the survey focused on non-military and military interventions in the conflict. The survey found that about 45 percent of Jordanians believe that sanctioning Russia is justified, compared to 29 percent who believe it is not justified. On the other hand, about 36.8 percent of Jordanians believe that NATO (US and allies) should intervene militarily to stop the war, while 43 percent were against this prospect. This shows a higher support for non-military intervention among Jordanians, albeit the support for sanctions was not unanimous. It is worth noting that of those who oppose military intervention, the vast majority were in support of diplomatic negotiations, followed by 18.6 percent who stated that Ukraine should accept Russian demands.

Finally, the survey asked Jordanians to indicate the media sources they use to get their information on the war. The results show that 45.2 percent of Jordanians receive their information on this war from television stations, followed by 40.7 percent who use social media, and 9.4 percent who rely on family and friends through word of mouth.

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