Amman hosts Saudi-Iranian dialogue on Gulf security and cooperation

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AMMAN — An intellectual dialogue on the Gulf States’ security convened in Amman on Monday with the participation of academics and experts from Saudi Arabia and Iran, hosted by the Arab Institute for Security Studies, which functions as a regional thought forum.اضافة اعلان

Participants in the dialogue reviewed issues to the Gulf security, foremost the latest developments in Iran’s nuclear program, the threat posed by missiles and launching machineries on the Gulf region’s security, as well prospects of cooperation in nuclear fuel and energy.

Secretary-General of the Arab Institute for Security Studies Ayman Khalil praised the meeting as a successful effort that demonstrated the two stakeholders’ keen willingness to cordially cooperate and achieve regional stability, reflecting goodwill between the people of both states, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

The Arab Institute for Security Studies is an independent research institution that specializes in Middle Eastern studies about nuclear proliferation, weapons of mass destruction and nuclear security issues.

Jordanian political analyst Oraib Rantawi told Jordan News that the conversation was most likely “not an official political discussion between Saudi Arabia and Iran”. Participants in the discussion were mostly academics and experts.

“The meeting took place in Amman mostly because the Arab Institute for Security Institute took the initiative to make it happen, and also because the regional environment makes these kinds of initiatives desirable,” he added.

Rantawi also noted that in the past 10 years, the region has seen nuclear arms races, militarization, proxy wars and harsh military interventions. After such a polarizing period, many actors in the region are yearning to open more dialogue channels, to recover from such a challenging couple of years. “Similar dialogue channels are being opened between Turkey and the Gulf States, as well as Iran and the UAE.”

It is totally possible for Jordan to continue hosting these kinds of regional dialogues in the near future, in Rantawi’s view. “If Jordan is flexible and open to the idea of hosting more of this kind of dialogue on regional security, then we can such cooperative meetings to continue in the Kingdom.”

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