HRH Prince El Hassan celebrates 76th birthday

HRH Prince El Hassan celebrates 76th birthday
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AMMAN — Today marks the 76th birthday of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal continues to actively contribute to development initiatives and community engagement in the region, and his contributions center around environmental innovation and conservation, inter-faith dialogue, and the advancement of our regional commons based on the concept of human dignity.اضافة اعلان

Safer and sustainable worldAt a time where challenges such as climate change, geopolitics, epidemics, and the decline of responsible internationalism are growing, HRH's commitment to combating their effects remains evident, reported the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

Advocating for regional and international cooperation towards a safer, more sustainable, and inclusive world citizenry, Prince El Hassan participated in the 13th Bosphorus Summit.

HRH has also invested time in advancing regional, de-politicized, and science-based solutions to climate change, such as his leading role in the inauguration of the First International Conference on the Red Sea Ecosphere.

Prince El Hassan highlighted the importance of regional cooperation towards the protection of our marine environment, advocating for the initiation of a Red Sea barometer, a shared knowledge hub that would make data accessible to all stakeholders in the region.

Cultural heritage and interdisciplinary approachesIn addition to Prince El Hassan’s involvement in the sciences and environmental conservation in the region, he also emphasized the importance of creating an interdisciplinary institution for the cultural heritage of the Mashreq during a book launch for Frontiers of the Roman Empire. There he highlighted the critical role of the humanities, natural and social sciences in human-centered, people to people diplomacy, and planning.

Cross cultural dialogueBuilding upon Prince El Hassan’s longstanding commitment to cross-cultural dialogue, he has participated in the International Mediterranean Dialogues Conference in Rome, in which he promoted increased integration across the Mediterranean, drawing upon the region’s history as a gateway of social and economic convergence.

The prince’s participation in this event was complemented by attendance at the opening of the 37th Annual Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, "From United Nations to Unite People".

This conference was co-organized by the World Dignity University Initiative and the Royal Institute of Interfaith Studies, an institute focused on instilling common values and ethics, strengthening relations between people of different religions, and promoting coexistence.

This work was elaborated upon in an article by Prince El Hassan published in Middle East Eye which distinguished between free speech and hate speech, emphasizing the need for "responsibility of expression" that embraces cultural complexity and aims for cohesion rather than exclusion.

Food securityFundamental to human dignity is food security, another critical issue with which Prince Hassan has been heavily involved over the past year, participating in various meetings with WANA, the World Food Program, and various other UN agencies to ensure security for all across multiple intersecting areas: water, energy, food, and ecosphere.

On the topic of providing aid for the region’s most vulnerable, Prince El Hassan also presented a case for the birth of a Global Zakat Fund as a practical expression of dignity and human fraternity that enhances the collective spirit and goodwill of the people.

The prince’s vision of the fund is based on enhancing the effective capacity of zakat to provide underprivileged people with food, medicine, education, housing, and income-generating activities.

In the year ahead, Prince El Hassan looks forward to continuing his participation in the aforementioned initiatives, whilst welcoming the birth of new ideas, conversations, and steps forward in the pursuit of a dignified and empowered global citizenry.

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