Gov’t to merge ministries under modernization plan — Khasawneh

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AMMAN — Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said on Sunday that the month-long delay in announcing the public sector modernization plan was due to the fact that several aspects of the institutional framework had to be ironed out before starting to implement the roadmap launched by the Economic Modernization Committee.اضافة اعلان

At a press conference held on Sunday to announce the output of the Public Sector Modernization Committee, Khasawneh said that the road map identified seven components that form the framework of the process of modernization of the public sector and that need to be dealt with as top priority: government services, procedures and digitization, organizational structure and governance, policy and decision making, human resources, legislation, and nurturing an institutional culture.

Khasawneh also announced that “government ministries and departments will be merged between 2022 and 2024, without prejudice to the rights of workers or dispensing with their services”, noting that the modernization committe assessed “97 government departments and institutions, excluding the security services, armed forces, and municipalities”.

Khasawneh added that the seven components focus on serving the public in line with the output of the economic and political modernization visions.

According to the prime minister, the first phase of the program will end in 2025, when its impact will be evaluated and the second phase will be designed.

Members of the Public Sector Modernization Committee presented to His Majesty King Abdullah the most prominent axes of the map, which includes 206 initiatives, of which 30 related to government services and nine aimed at streamlining and automating government procedures.

The map also includes 31 initiatives intended to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of the government structure, 23 initiatives concerning good governance and transparency, and 42 initiatives concerned with cross-governmental plans that use digitization and impact assessment to support the decision-making process.

At the same time, 35 initiatives are related to building public-sector leaders’ abilities, 22 initiatives are related to legislation that supports positive change, and 14 initiatives aim to develop a stimulating institutional culture, and to enhance the environment that supports transformation and innovation.

The premier said that the committee looked at the regulatory framework regulating the work of the public sector and the mechanisms of existing governance, and at the policy and decision-making mechanisms of public sector institutions, and ways to promote human resources.

In the process of integrating institutions, no public sector employee will be dismissed; those who reached the legal age or the required years of service will qualify for retirement, he reiterated.

Khasawneh pledged to develop detailed implementation plans and clear performance indicators to ensure the implementation of the modernization roadmap.

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