Energy experts predict diesel and gas price hikes

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AMMAN — Energy sector experts are anticipating an upcoming increase in the prices of diesel and gasoline within the next month, owing to the global surge in the costs of these commodities. Experts Amer Al-Shobaki and Hashem Aqil, highlighted both 90 and 95 gasoline are expected to see a rise of approximately 1.5 to 2 piasters per liter, while diesel is expected to go up by 2.5 piasters per liter, Al Mamlaka TV reported. اضافة اعلان

Aqil elaborated that robust factors influencing oil prices are still exerting substantial pressure due to the voluntary production cuts by Saudi Arabia and Russia, coupled with an uptick in Chinese demand. This has led to an increased demand and concerns about further disruptions in supply.

It is anticipated that the price per liter of 90 gasoline will increase by 1.5 percent, equivalent to 15 fils, and the price per liter of 95 gasoline will rise by 1 percent, equivalent to 15 fils. Meanwhile, the price of diesel is expected to experience a 3 percent hike, equivalent to 25 fils.

On a different note, Shobaki predicted a 2.5 piaster per liter increase for diesel and an increase ranging from 1.5 piasters to 2 piasters per liter for both types of gasoline.

He stated that if prices are raised as anticipated, they would reach their highest historical levels. However, he emphasized that this expectation does not constitute a preliminary government decision and may be subject to errors or corrections depending on government policies in this regard.

He mentioned that at the beginning of September, the government had raised the prices of 90 and 95 gasoline by 4 piasters and diesel by 8.5 piasters. Consequently, the price per liter of 90 gasoline became 96 piasters, 95 gasoline per liter reached 120.5 piasters, and diesel per liter rose to 80 piasters.

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