Center warns of ‘disastrous’ consequences if Labor Ministry is abolished

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AMMAN — The Jordan Labor Watch, affiliated with the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies, deplored the government’s decision to abolish the Ministry of Labor and transfer its tasks to several other ministries, stressing that the consequences of such a decision would be “disastrous” for all parties: the labor market, workers, employers, and trade unions, Jo24 reported.اضافة اعلان

In a statement on Monday, the center asserted that abolishing such a key ministry reflects a change in the direction and choices of economic policies that is completely anti-social.

The statement stressed that the abolition of the Labor Ministry would certainly weaken the already weak working conditions of the majority of laborers in Jordan. It added that the decision can only be understood as a new way of undermining of labor market policies and an attempt to weaken the country’s social protection network, which the government says it is trying to strengthen.

The statement pointed out that the abolition of the Labor Ministry came after many years of attempting to weaken it, and will result in the weakening of the inspection system and the organization of the labor market, as the ministry oversees the implementation of dozens of regulations.

The decision, the statement said, will create a major legislative problem related to the amendment of dozens of laws and regulations, “which will lead to legislative confusion that will need many years to overcome”.

The abolition of the Labor Ministry, the statement said, comes not long after the launch of the Economic Modernization Vision, which is mainly based on two strategic pillars — strengthening the economy by unleashing the full economic potential through qualitative leaps in economic growth and creating job opportunities during the next decade, together with a continuous growth of citizens’ income; and improving the quality of life for all citizens — and the step may significantly weaken the ability to achieve these goals.

The statement called for preserving the ministry and enhancing its role in and ability to regulate the labor market and protect labor rights, as imposing and maintaining decent work standards strengthens economy and investment.

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