Bar Association issues report on election observations

Jordan Bar Association’s (JBA). (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Jordan Bar Association’s (JBA) election monitoring team issued its second report of the day Tuesday afternoon, which included observations received by the JBA’s operations room on the progress of the election process, as reported by Ammannet.اضافة اعلان

The report included 24 observations received from the JBA’s team consisting of 1,027 observers distributed over the various governorates of the Kingdom.

The report praised the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) response for receiving and responding to the JBA’s observations.

The report made notice of the cooperation of public security servicemen with the elderly and people with disabilities. It pointed out that a decision was issued by the IEC to enable the JBA’s oversight team to continue using cell phones.

It added that it was observed in many centers that the polling committees attend to the elderly and the disabled, enable them to vote in the presence of delegates and observers, and place ballots in the designated box and in front of everyone.

The observations made in the report also included cases of vote selling, attempts to influence voters inside the polling stations by representatives of candidates, and photographing ballot papers in full view of the committee.

The report said that it was noted in some centers that persons assigned to reveal the face of veiled women failed to do so, and it was noted that passports and health insurance cards were used as proof of identity.

The report also pointed to cases where the internet and electric power were cut off for some time at two polling centers, although it did not affect voting.

Also, the report pointed to cases where people used civil status IDs that belonged to others to vote. It was also observed in some centers that a number of voters placed insulating materials on their index finger in order to remove ink traces immediately. 

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