Amman Chamber's Single Window: 241,500 services streamlined

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Single Window Service Center at the Amman Chamber of Commerce processed a total of 241,500 services, whether electronic or direct in 2023. According to statistical data from the chamber, the number of visitors to the Single Window Service Center, which includes various ministries and official institutions, was 94,734 during the same year.اضافة اعلان

This center encompasses the Directorate of Labor at the Amman Chamber of Commerce, offices for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Land and Survey Department, Income Tax, Sales Tax departments, the Notary Public, and the Greater Amman Municipality (Business Licensing Unit), Al-Ghad reported.

Additionally, it houses the Directorate of Assurance at the Amman Chamber of Commerce, an office for the Civil Status Department within the chamber, an office for the General Food and Drug Corporation, and "Your Invoices" service.

Based on statistical data, 12,805 work permit transactions were processed, along with 187,000 transactions for document authentication, agencies, and consular consultations, 25,835 land and area transactions, and the completion of 6,000 transactions for income and sales taxes.

The Notary Public Office processed 4,592 transactions, including the authentication of agencies or issuing them, as well as other legal transactions like guarantees, commitments, agreements, and more. The Business Licensing Unit under the Greater Amman Municipality processed 5,231 occupational licenses.

Furthermore, the Civil Status Department processed 11,927 transactions, including issuing passports, personal IDs, birth certificates, and transaction authentication. The General Food and Drug Corporation handled 913 transactions, including licenses, permits, issuance of certificates for products and factories, and other transactions.

Chamber President Khalil Al-Haj Tawfiq stated to  Jordan News Agency, Petra that government representation offices in the chamber building efficiently provided their services to chamber members, contributing to the ease and efficiency of their transactions. This reflects positively on the business and investment environment in the Kingdom.

He added that Amman's commerce distinguishes itself by providing a Single Window Service Center with multiple government ministries and institutions to facilitate commercial, service, and investor sectors in the capital in processing their transactions easily, enhancing the business environment.

Al-Haj Tawfiq expressed gratitude to official entities for their continuous cooperation with the chamber in facilitating commercial, service, and citizen transactions, affirming the chamber's ongoing development of services for the commercial and service sectors in the capital, including opening new offices for government entities at its headquarters.

He encouraged companies, commercial, and service institutions, and citizens to benefit from the Single Window Service Center's services due to their ease in processing transactions and saving time and effort.

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