6 ride-share app companies employ 13,000 Jordanians — minister

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AMMAN — Minister of Transport Ahmed Maher Abu Al-Samen said Thursday during a meeting he had with Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Al-Hanandeh that if the unlicensed ride-share companies continue to operate without accountability, they will negatively affect the continuity of the sector’s work in the medium and long run, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.

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Abu Samen said that the government had agreed to license six ride-share companies, which employ about 13,000 Jordanians, while the number of unlicensed such companies is estimated at about 28, most of which operate from outside Jordan, which negatively affects ride-share application companies and yellow taxis, which will not be able to fulfill their financial obligations in light of the unfair competition from such companies that operate without licenses.


Abu Samen stressed the need to work in accordance with the law and take strict measures to stop tampering with the ride-share app transportation sector, as this harms companies and drivers who abide by the law and the collection of taxes and fees.


Hanandeh said that encouraging public transport through smart applications should serve three main goals: organize individual transport sector, improve the level of service, and create job opportunities.


He also pointed to the importance of benefiting from smart applications to improve the level of services offered by workers in the sector through training and rehabilitation.


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