2,300 Jordanian day laborers to return to Eilat

(Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Israel’s Border, Immigration, and Population Authority has announced that 2,000 Jordanian workers are expected to enter Eilat from Aqaba this week to seek work in the hotel industry, Ammon News reported on Wednesday.اضافة اعلان

"Contrary to the regulations that were in place at the time of the (COVID-19) pandemic, Jordanian workers can now return to Jordan after work hours and go back the next day without having to stay and sleep in Israel," according to the Israeli authority.

It pointed out that such a decision would help the tourism sector, which desperately needs workers, and would improve Jordanian-Israeli relations.

Last July, Israel’s foreign ministry announced that Israel and Jordan had agreed on arrangements concerning the conditions of Jordanian workers employed in Eilat. It added that beginning on August 1, up to 2,300 Jordanian workers will once again be allowed to enter and exit the Eilat area for work on a daily basis, and will no longer be required to stay in Eilat long-term as was necessary under pandemic-era health regulations.

It said that as per these arrangements, up to 2,000 Jordanian hotel workers and up to 300 Jordanian workers employed in construction, industry, and general sectors, will once again be allowed to enter and exit the Eilat area for work via the Wadi Araba Crossing on daily basis.

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