100 Jordan and PDTRA: A partnership for progress in Jordan’s tourism sector

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(Photos: 100 Jordan and PDTRA)
PRESS RELEASE — The 100 Jordan and Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA) have embarked on a collaborative project aimed at developing and modernizing tourist sites and promoting tourism in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

The project, which is currently being implemented by 100 Jordan, invites all companies and institutions interested in contributing to this national endeavor to develop tourist sites and serve the local community in Jordan’s tourism gem, Petra.

The collaboration between 100 Jordan and PDTRA, represented by President Fares Breizat and Tourism Commissioner Dr. Ismail Abu Amoud, and the PDTRA tourism development team, has already begun.

PDTRA, previously headed by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Dr. Ismail Abu Amoud, organized a meeting with associations working at the archaeological site to discuss mechanisms for developing and improving tourist services offered to tourists within the archaeological site. This includes redesigning the kiosks that provide services within the archaeological site in terms of exterior design and quality of internal facilities to provide a high-quality tourist product befitting Petra.

Abu Amoud stated that PDTRA considers associations a key partner in preserving the archaeological site and developing the tourist services provided in it for visitors and creating products that suit the specificity and nature of the archaeological site.

Dr. Nedal Malo Al Alein, CEO of 100 Jordan, spoke about proposed designs for kiosks and storefronts that suit and mimic the specificity of Petra and can be used through them to use alternative energy to carry out work easily.

The participants from the associations welcomed the proposed plans to continue organizing the archaeological reserve and unify the facades of the licensed shops, which contributes to preserving Petra as a World Heritage Site.

It is noteworthy that the archaeological site witnessed a qualitative leap in organization after the removal of violations, and that PDTRA is working hard to follow up on all matters of the archaeological site in an effort to organize it better.

Today, 100 Jordan is working on implementing this project, which will be in cooperation with sponsoring and advertising companies wishing to provide development programs for local communities and update and develop tourist sites and Jordanian tourism movement.

All companies are invited to contribute to this national project, which reflects the translation of the partnership between the public and private sectors, and is one of the first steps of economic development and modernization.

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